Tall Ships Falmouth – Race Start & Parade of Sail Thursday 19th August 2021

RACE START 19 AUG. Mark your calendar as tall ships return to Falmouth waters! Falmouth has been selected as the Race Start Partner for the Tall Ships Magellan-Elcano 500 Series 2021 race!

Further details on events, timings, where to see the ships and more will be added in due course

About Tall Ships 2021

Falmouth has been chosen as the Race Start Partner for the Magellan-Elcano Tall Ships race taking place in August 2021.

When will the Falmouth Tall Ships race take place?
The Falmouth Tall Ships race start will be Thursday 19th August, time TBC. The Tall Ships fleet will race from a point in Falmouth Bay to A Coruna in Spain

How has the race been secured and who will organise?
Tall Ships Falmouth 2021 has been secured thanks to the Falmouth Town Team (Falmouth Town Council and Falmouth BID), Perfect Events Group and Falmouth Tall Ships Association. These organisations along with Falmouth Harbour Commissioners with support from ships liaison volunteers, with be the delivery team. Tall Ships races coming under the global umbrella of Sail Training International.

What will I see?
A fleet of tall ships from around the world will arrive in the historic port of Falmouth in the days leading up to the 19th August as part of the Tall Ships Magellan-Elcano 500 Series 2021. They will be moored in the Carrick Roads and inner harbour, before embarking on a race to A Coruna in Spain.

Subject to ship arrivals, timings and weather, it is hoped visitors will be able to take tripper boats out into the Carrick Roads to view these magnificent ships at close quarters.

There will also be a packed schedule of onshore activities, culminating in a memorable Parade of Sail event on Thursday 19th August, all subject of course, to COVID 19 guidelines.

What is a Parade of Sail?
Prior to the Falmouth race start to A Coruna, Spain,  the tall ships, along with hundreds of supporting local boats, yachts and marine craft, will sail in company from their moorings in the Carrick Roads and inner harbour, along the coast past Pendennis headland and Falmouth’s beaches. This is a truly fantastic spectacle, one not to be missed and it can be viewed from a number of coastal vantage points in and around Falmouth. Timings TBC.